Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Slacker over here...

Well, here I am again!  Somehow, I have managed to let this blog slip away from me once again and have not done any updates in months!  I can say what everyone says, about how the holidays flew by, we were so busy, I did not have the time to type a new post, but if I said that I'd be lying.  Actually, I straight up just did not feel like it!  I have been so tired that taking a shower and making dinner requires more effort for me these days.  But... this blog is suppose to keep track of the memories and special moments of our growing family, so I need to make schedule time and continue to update this at least once a month.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful.  The kids loved being around family and of course the gifts they received, but the exciting news after turkey day was that we found out we are expecting again.  Lucky for me I can usually tell when I am pregnant early on.  Does anyone else get intense reflux only a few weeks into a pregnancy that lasts until the end, or am I the only lucky one? So, here we are again watching my belly grow and anticipating the arrival of baby Shartank #3 in August.  I am about thirteen weeks along, and they say you pop sooner with every child.  I am either proof of that or I just had too much holiday food and have given in one too many times to my pregnancy cravings that I have choose to satisfy.  Pretty sure I looked like this while pregnant with Matthew at about 19/20 weeks.  Here is baby #3 at thirteen weeks:

Coming up in a couple weeks is Matthew's fifth birthday.  He always gets excited for his birthday, but this year is especially exciting, since he is having an official birthday party (his first one since turning one).  Call Mr. Sharktank and I mean, but we agreed to only do first birthday parties and then start doing them again for the kids once they actually ask for them.  We all know first birthday parties are more for the parents' enjoyment, so we are looking forward to Matthew getting a party with all of his friends at a place he has been begging us to go.  Chuck E. Cheese here we come!  I am not sure if he knows what he is in for.  He is looking forward to the cake, pizza, games, and prizes, but I am not sure if he is aware of the giant mouse that sings on the stage.  Anyone who knows my children knows it takes them a while to warm up to anything that can possibly be scary.  We shall see how it goes...

I am signing off with a couple of my most favorite recent pics.

This is how we announced our pregnancy to our families at Christmas time.

Matthew and Natalie getting ready to go sledding at our friend's house.  The frigid temperatures here have prevented us from going outside a lot, so we got lucky when we had a Saturday in the upper 20's!

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