Friday, June 13, 2014

Our wild child is 3!

At the end of May, our little Natalie turned three years old.  Being our second child we knew what to expect with her when it came to caring for her, but we had no idea the personality that would start to show from this little girl!  She has grown up in three short years to be our spunky, wild, and carefree little girl.  Natalie slowly came out of her quiet and observant shell and she now loves to talk, role play, sing ("Let it go" anyone?), dance, tell stories (of true events and made up happenings lol), and pick on her big brother.  Her favorite things these days include my little ponies, her "special baby" (an American Girl Bitty Baby doll), bubbles, her Dora big wheel, necklaces of all sorts, the Disney movie Frozen, and stickers.

Since we don't do big birthday parties every year we let NAS have her first sleepover with a friend to celebrate.  She chose to have our dear Addison come over for the evening to go to dinner and spend the night.  Natalie choose where she wanted to eat (El Maguey, which is the usual Sharktank dinner spot) and then we came home for cupcakes, movies and popcorn.  Both girls had their own sleepover baskets complete with popcorn, necklaces, nail polish, movie tickets, candy, and balloons.

The girls had to dress of for the special occasion, of course!  Both Natalie and Addie love their dresses and pretty things :)

The night was a success and the girls were asleep by 9:15 after a Strawberry Shortcake movie and bowls of candy and popcorn..  The 6:05 am wake up call came really early, but the kids were excited for their favorite of bagels and cream cheese from Panera.  Natalie is already looking forward to the next time she can have a sleepover!

Happy 3rd year to our NAS!

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