Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Big news in this house... no we are not pregnant!

Yesterday was a day we were waiting for!  On June 1 of this year (his birthday) Mr. Sharktank took the level three exam of the CFA.  He has been trying to reach his goal of becoming a CFA charter holder for seven years now.  I know in my heart that he could have passed the test one, two, three in a row if we did not get married, did not get pregnant, then decide to move to St. Louis, then decide to move again, and then get pregnant again.  All those life changes and moves do not provide a good environment with ample amounts of study time for someone taking these tests.

Every Winter and Spring, since Mr. Sharktank and I lived in Chicago, he would spend countless hours studying at work (or the library on the weekends).  During the Spring months it was rare if he would come home from work before 7:30 (and keep in mind he leaves for work at 5:45 am).  He also spent every Saturday at work and half of his Sundays at the library.  He had to pass on important weddings, events, birthday parties, family get togethers, and pretty much anything that did not focus on work or this test.

So, yesterday morning we both were a nervous wreck waiting for the results.  If anyone does not know about the CFA just google "CFA pass rates."  So many people give up, but not the man I married... he kept going.  No matter how frustrated or challenged he was, he knew he had to keep trying for his job, for us, and because he knew he wanted this charter!  Eight o'clock approached (when results are emailed to all test takers) and I turned my phone ringer on.

At 8:02 I got the call.  Not only did I interrupt a mom of a new toddler being dropped off at my house for the first time ever (in home daycare), but I almost started crying in front of her due to my overwhelming nerves.  I answered the phone knowing it was Mr. Sharktank and cannot remember what I said.  All I heard was, "I am done, I am so done," followed by a ton of yelling.  Not only did my heart sink, but my eyes filled with tears.  No!!!  Not another year of this exam!  My husband needs to enjoy life and not be glued to his books is what I kept saying to myself!

Well, then Mr. Sharktank was more clear with his words, "I passed!  I did it!"  Wait, what?  Yes, he passed!  In a matter of weeks (after all the formalities within the society are done) he will be a CFA charter holder!  All these years of struggle, effort, and faith paid off.  This will open so many doors for him and we could not be more proud of him!

We celebrated by taking the kids to our favorite family friendly restaurant for some terrible Mexican food and drinks.  For those of you in the area... El Maguey.  The waiters know us, know our drink orders before we speak, and recognize our kids, so of course it would be our dining spot of choice lol.

Things are looking up for us!  With so much heartache and sad things going on in the world and in our families' worlds right now this was news we needed to hear!  Congrats to Mr. Sharktank!  You have a ton of people very happy for you! We love you so much!

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