Thursday, October 17, 2013

Busy family!

Yes, every family is busy!  How can you not be busy when you have a family?  I somehow let this blog slip my mind and the documenting of our lives stopped for a couple months.  I must make a mental note to do a better job!

The past couple months have been emotional, exciting, and full of energy.

As a couple, Mr. Sharktank and I have never had to deal with a death in the family until recently.  Our beloved Grandma Irene passed away August 22, and although it was expected, it was not any easier.  Mr. Sharktank's grandma was a fabulous cook, a great mom, loved her grandkids, and could always make a joke without even trying. I had the pleasure of knowing her for almost nine years and would not trade a moment of it.  The number of people who showed up at her funeral in such a small town showed what kind of woman she was!  Although she is gone and in a better place, we will make sure our kids never forget her name, what kind of person she was, and the legacy she has. "Amen!" (which is what she always said at church at the perfect moments lol).

We love you, Grandma!  Hope you are teaching everyone how to cook Cajun style in heaven!

We tried soccer with Matthew this Fall.  Things started off so great! He really loves to kick around the ball and can even bounce it on his head!  His first game he was thrown into the goalie position for the first time ever (without any practice) and only let one goal in!  A couple of weeks later he even scored a goal!  

After his first game!

He loves to play soccer on his own time, but practices and games put him into such an anxiety attack that he refused to practice or play in the games after a couple of sessions.  After over a month, we decided to pull him from the team.  He still loves the sport, but playing as a team is not for him right now.

Natalie is still our spitfire of the Sharktank clan.  I hate to say it, but her new favorite thing is to take her clothes and diaper off and run around naked.  God help me!  She is also very brave and it seems like nothing scares her.  Natalie has no problem opening any door and running outside.  I am about to lose my mind as a parent and daycare provider because of this, but we love her :)

In Decatur visiting K and K!  The kids had so much fun that weekend!

Mr. Sharktank and I took our official last vacation without the kids at the end of September.  Leave it to our family to have the Mr. puking the evening before hours before our flight to the Dominican Republic left.  I begged neighbors for Zofran (to help him stop throwing up), made multiple trips to the local Walmart for Sprite, anti nausea meds, Pepto Bismol, and anything else I could think of!  I ended up having to pack for him while he layed in bed trying to focus on what was needed for a trip for a week.  

The morning of he woke and pushed on, so that we could enjoy our trip with our great friends who just got married.  We boarded the plan with the new Peggs family and I prayed he would recover fast!  Not our luck... he got sick again and we ended up at a Dominican "farmacia" (pharmacy) hoping for help!  We got it and thank goodness!

We spent the rest of the week taking a catamaran cruise to Saona Island for a day of fun, drinking, eating, and relaxing.  SLEEP was the most important part of the trip!  I do not think either couple stayed up past eleven eastern time.  We definitely left well rested and loved our time with the newlyweds.  What a great couple to go on a trip with.  We are close enough to spend lots of time with them, but had no problem when we all needed time alone!  Here are some pics from the "honeymoon" lol.

Matthew is in the middle of diagnostic testing at our school district's early childhood center these next two weeks.  We are hoping (and not hoping at the same time) that he qualifies for some services within their program.  If he qualifies for educational services he would get free bus transportation and education until kindergarten.  We are seeing what our tax dollars are paying for and we can honestly say that we are very impressed with the staff and educators that we have met thus far!  Matthew seems to enjoy the program he is trying, but we will find out later in November whether or not he is a candidate for services.  I just hope all this will help us and point us in the right direction for him and his future!  He is such a loving and smart child (I know that every parent says that, but he scares me with what he picks up on ha) and we only hope that he succeeds in his school years.

We have a lot of great things coming up... HOLIDAYS, so I am sure the blog posts will be more frequent!  Celebrating with kids is almost as exciting as being a kid yourself!

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